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Elevate your property’s appearance and durability with our premium stucco services. Based in Houston, we specialize in transforming homes and commercial spaces with our expert touch.


Stucco Repair

Houston’s Stucco Restoration Specialists
Over time, even the best stucco can face challenges, be it the punishing Houston sun, humidity, or just natural wear and tear. Our stucco repair services are tailored to address problems specific to each client. We focus on the root cause of the damage, ensuring not just a surface-level fix but a comprehensive solution. From patching cracks to addressing water damage, our experts bring life back to your façade, enhancing its durability.

Stucco Installation

Precision & Aesthetics Combined
Stucco isn’t just about adding a protective layer to your property; it’s also an aesthetic choice. Our stucco installation process takes into consideration both these aspects. We use top-grade materials and innovative techniques to provide an installation that’s not only durable but also visually appealing. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, our stucco installation guarantees a perfect blend of longevity and elegance.

Stucco Inspection

Expert Eye for Details
With Houston’s unique climate challenges, regular stucco inspections are crucial. Our experienced team delves deeper, examining every inch of your stucco for potential vulnerabilities. This proactive approach helps in early issue detection, often saving property owners from larger, more expensive future repairs. Post-inspection, we provide a detailed report and expert recommendations on the necessary steps for maintenance or repair.

Moisture Testing & Waterproofing

Protection Against Houston’s Humidity
Houston’s humid environment can be tough on stucco exteriors. Our specialized moisture testing identifies weak spots where water might infiltrate. Following this, our waterproofing solutions provide a robust barrier, ensuring your stucco remains resistant to potential water damages, mold, and decay, thereby significantly increasing its lifespan.

Custom Stucco Textures & Finishes

Tailored to Your Vision
Stucco offers a vast range of textures and finishes. From classic lace textures to more contemporary smooth finishes, our team is skilled in creating various designs. Whether you’re looking for a Spanish-inspired dash texture or an English cottage feel, we’ll work closely with you to bring your architectural vision to life, ensuring your property stands out in the neighborhood.

Color Matching & Repainting

Perfect Hue, Every Time
Color can make or break a property’s visual appeal. Our color matching service ensures that any stucco repairs or additions blend seamlessly with your existing color palette. Want a fresh look? Our repainting service offers a spectrum of colors, using weather-resistant paints that ensure your property looks vibrant and fresh year after year.

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“Finding a reliable stucco repair service in Houston was a challenge until I stumbled upon Best Stucco Repair Houston. They addressed my concerns promptly, ensured a thorough job, and the quality of their work was unparalleled. The guarantee of satisfaction isn’t just a catchphrase for them – they truly stand by their promise. Highly recommend!”

Jessica M.

River Oaks

“I was hesitant about getting my home’s stucco repaired, hearing so many horror stories from friends. But Best Stucco Repair Houston completely changed my perspective. Their professional approach, attention to detail, and the assurance of satisfaction made all the difference. My home looks as good as new, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Richard L.

The Heights


As seasoned stucco specialists, we grasp the importance of meticulous work and lasting results

At Best Stucco Repair Houston, we’re not just another repair service. As seasoned stucco specialists, we grasp the importance of meticulous work and lasting results. Our commitment extends beyond mere fixes; we aim to restore the beauty and resilience of your stucco, ensuring it withstands the test of time and Houston’s dynamic weather patterns.

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